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“Next year I’m going back to the cinema: from February I’m shooting a film in Naples, as a director-actor and screenwriter.”

Jerry Calà tells “Capri, Hollywood,” which presents him with a lifetime achievement award on Dec. 30.

“I have already made inspections in Monte di Procida, which is an extraordinary place, but I will also set the story in Ischia because I want people to return to this beautiful island as a place of cinema, famous for it since the 1960s. At the center of the story will be the kidnapping of a star, I cannot say more, it will be with a Neapolitan production company and with Neapolitan actors.”

He was the face of the 1980s, a decade for which people are beginning to feel nostalgia, not only in the movies. “A lot,” says the actor, “Even today’s kids like those movies because it’s clear that we had a lot more fun back then, there was more enthusiasm. We can consider them as sharp photographs of those years, from the boors of Christmas Vacation to the upstarts of Yuppis. Today economic conditions have changed: a boy could no longer ‘move out on his own’ especially with the prices in Milan! And anyway, if they stay at home, I don’t think it’s the fault of what they call bamboccioni, but of over-protective parents.”

In Capri, a career that started with the success of Gatti di Vicolo Miracoli, passed through iconic comedies but also a more committed cinema, will also be told in music. “I worked with Marco Ferreri, in Diary of a Vice, earning me the Italian critics’ prize in Berlin. Too bad then that we were not able to make a second project together again. Then with Avati, Marco Risi, understood that I could also do something else. Let’s say, however, that my comic side got the upper hand, and the audience then you have to respect it. I still do more than a hundred nights a year and play Maracaibo. But I’m a 70-year-old who is still young. And ready for other roles as well!”.

According to ANSA