Trudie Styler’s new documentary Posso Entrare? (Can I Come In?) An Ode To Naples was feted on December 27 with the “CAPRI EUROPEAN DOCUMENTARY OF THE YEAR AWARD 2023”.
“It’s a city that is full of life, teeming, a city in chiaroscuro,” said the talented British actress, director, and cinema producer, activist, environmentalist, UNICEF ambassador, and Italian wine producer with her husband Sting.

The 69-year-old from Bromsgrove near Birmingham has had a home for years in Tuscany but decided to aim her camera elsewhere, on Naples, because “this city is magnetic, it enters inside you and you never forget it”. The picture-postcard panoramas, in homage to the Grand Tour, there are above all “the Neapolitans who resist, those who with their commitment and dedication choose not to leave and are trying to improve their city”, which as well as its tourist charms also has an ill-deserved rap for urban blight and Mob crime. Styler has chosen to focus, among others, on two “heroes”: Don Antonio Loffredo, “who with his arms that welcome all is forging a revolution today;” and actor Francesco Di Leva “who has chosen to remain with his youngsters with the theater project Nest, another way of changing the city from within”. The date of the screening of Trudie Styler’s movie is Dec. 27 on Capri Island.

“An Ode to Naples” is a documentary directed by Trudie Styler. It will be honored with the annual “Capri European Documentary of the Year Award”.

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